Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biking and Music

One of the pleasures of riding my bike around Central Park are the changing strains of music. When I walk in the park I come upon groups, or individuals like this one

and can stop and listen. When I am riding the music is more elusive and mysterious. In the last weeks as i ride along the south end of the park near what is called 'the Mall,' which is a broad, long and straight path and not a building with stores, I have been hearing what I call an Andean flute. Since I haven't been able to see exactly where the sound is coming from, I've just pedaled on. Yesterday, however, I got a glimpse of the players and walked my bike over to them.

They were very friendly, though they seemed not to speak much more English than I speak Spanish. They call themselves Rupay de Ecuador, and of course bought an album. As I listen to it I feel a slightly more intimate connection to this city.

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