Sunday, January 22, 2012


Judy and I are in Merida Mexico with my younger brother Rick and sister-in-law Cheryl celebrating his retirement and mine. The picture shows us at a restaurant in the house where Quintano Roo was said to have been born,

 We're staying in a house that has been skillfully renovated in a neighborhood near the center of town that is being gentrified by, we are told, 'gringos.' In addition to exploring this city we've taken side trips to Uxmal  and Campeche. Opportunities for street photography have been great. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biking and Music

One of the pleasures of riding my bike around Central Park are the changing strains of music. When I walk in the park I come upon groups, or individuals like this one

and can stop and listen. When I am riding the music is more elusive and mysterious. In the last weeks as i ride along the south end of the park near what is called 'the Mall,' which is a broad, long and straight path and not a building with stores, I have been hearing what I call an Andean flute. Since I haven't been able to see exactly where the sound is coming from, I've just pedaled on. Yesterday, however, I got a glimpse of the players and walked my bike over to them.

They were very friendly, though they seemed not to speak much more English than I speak Spanish. They call themselves Rupay de Ecuador, and of course bought an album. As I listen to it I feel a slightly more intimate connection to this city.