Friday, December 23, 2011

First Day

This is the first day of my retirement. It's raining and cold. With the thought that I would like to share my experiences during this phase of my life with anyone who might be interested, I decided to start this new and more personal blog after reading about the poet Ruth Stone, who died this year. I had heard an NPR  piece on her as a talented poet who had only become widely known late in her life. Yesterday, I ran across a charming piece by the poet Philip Levine  about his first meeting her in which he mentioned her hennaed hair. I found this image of an older woman with hennaed hair hard to imagine, but I didn't forget it. Then I discovered that her granddaughter had posted a marvelous image of her in the Lives they Loved feature in the online New York Times. Now I felt like I knew her. So I went back to read some of her poems. And so my retirement begins.

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