Friday, December 30, 2011

A Mystery Ship on the Hudson

We may have missed the spectacular plane landing on the Hudson, but this week we've been watching something quite amazing-- the laying of an electric cable under the river. From our window we noticed an enormous ship named the Giulio Verne.


An urban landscape on the river, Judy suggested. We've seen other large barges there before, but this was different-- large cranes, two platforms, a helipad. Each day other boats would pull up and move away. Some research led us to the New York Times article which explained what is going on.

Friday, December 23, 2011

First Day

This is the first day of my retirement. It's raining and cold. With the thought that I would like to share my experiences during this phase of my life with anyone who might be interested, I decided to start this new and more personal blog after reading about the poet Ruth Stone, who died this year. I had heard an NPR  piece on her as a talented poet who had only become widely known late in her life. Yesterday, I ran across a charming piece by the poet Philip Levine  about his first meeting her in which he mentioned her hennaed hair. I found this image of an older woman with hennaed hair hard to imagine, but I didn't forget it. Then I discovered that her granddaughter had posted a marvelous image of her in the Lives they Loved feature in the online New York Times. Now I felt like I knew her. So I went back to read some of her poems. And so my retirement begins.