Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Judy in China

Judy was in China in March. This is a poster for a talk she gave. It is more legible when you click on it.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A cold and rainy day

On this cold and rainy day we took the bus to the Park Avenue Armory, where some 400 dealers were selling photographs. On the way we sat across from these two charming women who didn't seem to mind my taking a few pictures. 

At the show I tried taking pictures of people looking at pictures. Most of them didn't turn out well. Here is one that I like.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On a beautiful day in March

Yesterday was cool and sunny and so Judy and I walked across Central Park to the Met. Judy was interested in seeing other examples of some of the things she had discovered in China. 

The 'Stein Show' was on and Judy couldn't resist a picture with Gertrude.

Somewhat disappointed by the photo-ops at the museum, I was thrilled to see this woman at work in a Madison Avenue shop.

And then the afternoon light filling the M4 bus as it went north on Madison Avenue was irresistible. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Judy and I are in Merida Mexico with my younger brother Rick and sister-in-law Cheryl celebrating his retirement and mine. The picture shows us at a restaurant in the house where Quintano Roo was said to have been born,

 We're staying in a house that has been skillfully renovated in a neighborhood near the center of town that is being gentrified by, we are told, 'gringos.' In addition to exploring this city we've taken side trips to Uxmal  and Campeche. Opportunities for street photography have been great. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biking and Music

One of the pleasures of riding my bike around Central Park are the changing strains of music. When I walk in the park I come upon groups, or individuals like this one

and can stop and listen. When I am riding the music is more elusive and mysterious. In the last weeks as i ride along the south end of the park near what is called 'the Mall,' which is a broad, long and straight path and not a building with stores, I have been hearing what I call an Andean flute. Since I haven't been able to see exactly where the sound is coming from, I've just pedaled on. Yesterday, however, I got a glimpse of the players and walked my bike over to them.

They were very friendly, though they seemed not to speak much more English than I speak Spanish. They call themselves Rupay de Ecuador, and of course bought an album. As I listen to it I feel a slightly more intimate connection to this city.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Mystery Ship on the Hudson

We may have missed the spectacular plane landing on the Hudson, but this week we've been watching something quite amazing-- the laying of an electric cable under the river. From our window we noticed an enormous ship named the Giulio Verne.


An urban landscape on the river, Judy suggested. We've seen other large barges there before, but this was different-- large cranes, two platforms, a helipad. Each day other boats would pull up and move away. Some research led us to the New York Times article which explained what is going on.

Friday, December 23, 2011

First Day

This is the first day of my retirement. It's raining and cold. With the thought that I would like to share my experiences during this phase of my life with anyone who might be interested, I decided to start this new and more personal blog after reading about the poet Ruth Stone, who died this year. I had heard an NPR  piece on her as a talented poet who had only become widely known late in her life. Yesterday, I ran across a charming piece by the poet Philip Levine  about his first meeting her in which he mentioned her hennaed hair. I found this image of an older woman with hennaed hair hard to imagine, but I didn't forget it. Then I discovered that her granddaughter had posted a marvelous image of her in the Lives they Loved feature in the online New York Times. Now I felt like I knew her. So I went back to read some of her poems. And so my retirement begins.